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Fleet Fuel & Lubricant Solutions in Florida

Heavy trucks carry heavy loads – and tight delivery windows. Our lubricants and fuels help power you through demanding conditions. Over the road and in town.

Cartoon style image of two red trucks from Tropic Oil in Florida.

Diesel Exhaust Fuel


Tropic Oil is one of the area’s largest distributors of Diesel Exhaust Fluid. We not only provide this must-have fluid for your fleets, but offer equipment solutions as well.

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Cartoon style image of a Nozzle by Tropic Oil Fuel in Florida.


Mobilâ„¢ Centaur Moly 2

The perfect grease for Heavy-duty trucks, including chassis, spring shackles, kingpins, tie rods, U-joints, hinge and bucket pins, and fifth wheels.


Red oil drum with Mobil written on it.

Ridgelineâ„¢ HD ELC NOAT Antifreeze

Premium quality Nitrite Organic Acid Technology (NOAT) coolant specially formulated with industry-leading additives, providing extended service maintenance protection in engines.

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Antifreeze coolant canister sold by Tropic Oil in Florida.


National Fuel Network (NFN Fleet Fueling)

The National Fuel Network (NFN) has you and your drivers covered with a nationwide collection of commercial fueling options connected by a NFN fleet-card that ensures access to fuel and DEF wherever and whenever the drivers need it.

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National Fuel Network credit card for cardlock used by Tropic Oil in Florida.