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Florida's Leading Oil Products

Tropic offers a wide variety of products to fulfill your business needs. We are proud to be your total solution provider – offering answers to all your petroleum requirements whether simple or complex.



Our expansive lineup features only the industry’s highest quality lubricants. We serve the Automotive, Commercial (On and Off Highway) and Industrial markets with superior products, delivering best-in-class protection and results.



Optimum equipment performance is driven by quality petroleum products. Our broad range of diesel, gasoline, kerosene and other fuel types, along with premium fuel additive programs deliver the solutions demanded by you and your equipment.



Parkland’s proprietary brand, RIDGELINE™ Diesel Exhaust Fluid, is a trusted emission-control solution designed for use in trucks, passenger vehicles, construction, and agricultural equipment. Our lineup also includes DEF storage and dispensing solutions.



All industry vehicles, equipment and shops require specialized ancillary products to maximize performance. Whether your special product needs are for internal use or customer-billed services, our lineup will fully support any needed market.

Our sales staff is available to help you assess your business needs. We can provide you with a wide choice of refined petroleum products, along with most types of alternative fuels and specialty products. We have access to products from various suppliers and can offer you the experience and support you need to help you meet your bottom line.